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Turkish Street Food in Berlin

März 24, 2024

First Döner Kebab Lava Stone Grill | Halal & Homemade

The Turkish Yaprak Döner Kebab which we present to you in our new video “Turkish Food in Berlin” with First Lava Stone Grill in Berlin is a real discovery. Because the Original Turkish Yaprak Doner Kebab is made fresh every day by the in-house Chef and Doner Kebab Master. The Doner Kebab consists of the best Young Bull Meat from the Topside, sliced meat and Lamb Fat – all Halal certified & Homemade. There is a lot of good Turkish Street Food in Berlin, but there are only a few people who make their own Doner Kebab, cut the Meat, marinate it and stick it in the Kebab Skewer. This daily fresh and very delicious homemade Original Turkish Yaprak Doner Kebab from the First Lava Stone Grill in Berlin is available at KÖZ`DE DÖNER in Kreuzberg.

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